G LAB Design Fidelity presents BLOCK

G LAB Design Fidelity presents BLOCK

The BLOCK integrated tube amplifier is our answer to an audio product which successfully combines sublime 21st century design and pristine High Fidelity sound. It is a link between two worlds - the world of passionate audio advocates and the world of design enthusiasts. 

"The design looks amazing (...)"

Chalaine Mantha, Trendhunter.com 

21st centry

BLOCK was designed by a young, creative and versatile designer Mateusz Główka, Academy of Fine Arts graduate. He, just like a whole new generation of music enthusiasts, rediscovered tube amplifiers, but wanted something more - individualism, simplicity, and design perfection in a modern package. His concept for this amplifier came from a need to redesign a proven 20th century product into an outstanding 21st century gem. 


Even the brightest ideas could not have been finalized without ELZAB - a company with over 40 years of tradition in development of mechanics and electronics. An experienced team of specialists brought BLOCK to life and hand-built every piece. BLOCK was built using only the finest components and every single detail was fine-tuned - both in terms of sound as well as visual design.

"The BLOCK amplifier by industry designer Mateusz Główka is as much a visual treat as a sonic one (...)"

Paul Ridden, Gizmag.com

M. Kopecki

I was constructing the electronics for BLOCK to check my intuitive feeling that it is possible to reach the best sound quality using the simplest of tools, disregarding anything that is non-essential.

It was important to me to get clear sound when listening at low volume.


What had occurred to me was that the sound quality is best and the amplifier works most linear at the whole range of volume when the signal goes the shortest way possible, when there is no tone adjustment, the lamps are paired properly and when we use our massive custom speaker amplifiers.

Technical specification

power: 2 x 5.5 W

frequency response: 30Hz - 30kHz / -2dB

power consumption: 120W

inputs: 2 x Line, 1 x Phono (MM)

outputs: Speaker Out L/R

tube complement: 2 x E34L, 2 x E88C, 2 x 6N6P

weight: 20 KG

dimensions: 339x288x208 mm (WxDxH) (without tubes)

M. Główka

BLOCK was a great challenge for me. It was the first project that was so advanced and fully functional at the same time. It brought me the opportunity to make a name for myself in the world of design. My dream was to see my product on the shelf and due to the Polish entrepreneurship of a few people my dream will come true.

We truly hope you will enjoy BLOCK.

G LAB Design Fidelity.

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